Shipping Policy

Continental US Only Shipping at this time.  We pride ourselves in our shipping. Your fish will be sent USPS Priority. A tracking number will be provided via email at the time of shipping.

We only ship fish out on Tuesdays.  This avoids most holidays and delays. In the event of a holiday such as Thanksgiving or Christmas where it lands in the middle of the week, we will hold shipment until the following week. While we will be shipping priority 1-3 day, there can be delays and our packing methods should ensure that any delays still result in live healthy fish at your door step. We don't ship on other days even "just this once" because this puts undue stress on the packing team and could add an extra day to shipping if there is a delay due to no deliveries on a Sunday. We have set aside Tuesdays to make sure fish are packed correctly in a timely manor and delivered to USPS as close to pick up time as possible. If we deviate from this schedule, we would have to compromise the quality of our packing job to fit in with the other duties such as picking up new fish from the airport etc. Also this allows us to fast the fish for shipment properly beforehand. 

Holding Fish/Special Arrangements. We don't hold fish, and can't write special instructions on boxes such as "hold for pick up" or set inside garage etc. We have tried to accommodate customers in the past and this ends up leading to problems. When packing 20+ fish orders on the day, it is hard to remember that this specific box needs something written on it. We are focused on packing the fish correctly, double checking the order contents etc. Often writing on the box after we have put on a label etc is forgotten. It is because of this we don't take the special instructions. It's not from a lack of trying but we don't want to disappoint you if you're relying on a special set of instructions.  We don't hold fish because if you have us hold it for even 1 week, by the following Tuesday it is now a few hundred orders behind in our packing que. This can be missed as everything between that order and since would have been fulfilled. On top of that each "special request" order has to be manually checked to see the date in which to ship. Which requires digging through a lot of emails. While it seems like not a big deal, when you're managing 20-30 orders with special instructions, you can see how it would be easy to make mistakes. 

Live Arrival Guarantee. We guarantee that all Fish will arrive alive to your doorstep. In the unlikely event that one doesn't, please take a picture of it in the bag and email us as soon as possible. We'll refund your money. However we can only guarantee that the fish arrives to you alive and in good health. Once it leaves the bag we cannot guarantee how a fish is handled. With so many variables such as water parameters, tank mates, temperature etc out of our control, it is on you to make sure everything on your end is set up for success.

Our Promise. We promise to send a fish that is healthy to the best our knowledge. While others may say they guarantee 100% their fish are healthy, the reality is it would be impossible to know that a fish has cancer, early stages of TB, a failing kidney etc. What we can do, is do everything we can to ensure a healthy fish is sent out. Our goldfish for instance are screened for Goldfish specific diseases when brought into the country before we receive them. We then quarantine them with meds and give visual observation for at least 2 weeks. Many times, this observation can be months as we don't like to bring in small shipments often, but rather large shipments less frequently as this allows us to spend quality time with the fish.

Shipping. Our shipping is second to none. We have custom made styrofoam liners manufactured to fit our box. We then use breather bags(on everything except bettas), which allows oxygen and co2 transfer through the bag during transit. This allows us to fill the bag up completely with water, which means lots of water for shipping. This does a couple of things. The first is it gives more swim space, and more water to spread over any waste released during shipping. While this is usually minimal as fish have already been purged prior to shipping. On top of that, because there is no air in the bag, there is no sloshing as the box is tumbled from truck to truck etc. We also use heat packs and cold packs depending on time of year. We will always use a 72 hour heat pack when shipping as if there is any delay we want to ensure the fish doesn't get too cold. In addition to all of that, reducing stress during shipping for both the fish and the new owner is our #1 goal. We do NOT combine shipments. We will not combine two different lots of fish into one box. This reduces the available space for each fish and result in a worse shipping experience. If you order two fish. We will ship two boxes, complete with the liners, heat packs/cold packs etc. 

Is it too hot or too cold? Please take into account YOUR weather before ordering. If you know a snowstorm is coming, don't order. Likewise if you're in a extreme heat wave don't order. While we can keep fish cool or hot during shipment, we can't account for delays. So if there is a chance of flood, hurricane, snow storm etc. Be advised that shipping at these times is a bad idea and it is best to hold off. While we'd love to be able to say we keep track of everyone's weather patterns, it's simply not possibly and we ask that you as the buyer be conscious in your decision to purchase at any particular time.

Shipping Cost. Shipping is mostly included in the cost of the fish. So you'll notice you can only ever pay as much as $15 for shipping on our website. While the actual cost of us shipping a fish with the packing materials we use is over $30. The $15 helps offset some of this, but also helps cover the shipping if you order other items at check out, such as foods etc. To offer a seamless buying experience we have set it up this way so there are not two different stores for dry goods and live goods. So please remember when evaluating the price of our fish vs others, ours includes the cost of shipping. If you order live fish and plants or dry goods. They can ship at different times. If you place an order on Wednesday. It is likely your dry goods/plants will ship on Thursday and your fish would ship on the following Tuesday.

Questions. Please use the contact form if you have questions. While we have tried to cover the most commonly asked questions, please ask your questions before making a purchase.