Anubias nana "petite"

Aquarium Co-Op

$ 12.99 

This is a very small form of nana petite. Some people like to use it as a low tech carpeting plant. Grows very slow but looks amazing with it's tight growth. Some easy water column fertilizer and it'll thrive. You get 1 pot of Anubias Nana petite, not 5 pots as shown in the picture.
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  • I received an Anubias hastifolia as a free plant with my order. The plant is perfect as the tall low tech plant I was looking for. Why is the plant not offered on your website?

    Unfortunately we cant buy enough Hastifolia. So while we might sell 100 anubias nana petites a week and the farm can supply that. Hasitolia is less popular so we can only get it sometimes. Rather than sit out of stock all the time we haven't listed it. That being said, we will be attempting to remedy issues like these in the near future.