Aquarium Co-Op Small Fish/Fry Food

Aquarium Co-Op

$ 9.99 
Size:  1 4oz Bottle


This food comes in a squeeze bottle so you can feed lots of tanks fast and efficiently. After testing it for many months and seeing the results in my fish, I have decided to offer it up for sale so that you too can take advantage of the growth and health. You will receive one bottle. Each bottle has 4oz of food in it.

  • Min. Crude Protein - 55%
  • Min. Crude Fat - 18%
  • Min. Crude Fiber - 2%
  • Min. Phosphorus - 1.3%

Ingredients: Salmon Fish Meal - Dried Yeast - Marine Protein - Spirulina - Kelp - Vegetable Products - Fish Oil - Lecithin - Calcium Phosphate - Vitamin Supplements: A, E, D-3, B1, B12 & Biotin - Stabilized Vitamin “C” - minerals and amino acids


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  • Can you feed it to newly hatched fish?

    That would depend on the type of fry. This food is mostly targeted towards fish that can eat dry goods and not have to start on live baby brine etc.