Fluval Fresh & Plant 2.0


$ 134.99 

All lights are shipped prioirty. All lights legs extend out to cover more distance. For instance the 24 inch also fits a 30 inch tank.
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  • I am looking at the fluval fresh & plant 2.0 light for my planted aquarium. At night my co2 and T8's shut off with a timer and back on in the morning. With the touch button to turn on this light will the light turn back on in the morning or would I need to touch the button in the morning.

    The Fluval Fresh 2.0 light remembers whichever mode it was in when the light loses power. So if your lights are controlled by the same timer as your CO2. Then it would come back on normally. It also remembers if you have the light dimmed or in night time mode. So however the light is turned off, is how it will come back on the next morning.