Large Intake Sponge

Aquarium Co-Op

$ 11.99 

These are designed for canister filters and Aquaclear 70 and 110 filters. Can also work for Aqueon and other larger hang on back filters as well.
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  • The Intake sponges that you have on your site, are they sealed at the bottom or have sponge over the bottom of the sponge? I am interested in the small and large ones.

    Both the mini and the large intakes have sealed bottoms. It is only the medium that has a hole all the way through.

  • I'm interested in buying this just have a question is this going to be big enough for a Emperor 400?

    If you remove the strainer part from the intake tube it will fit. It stretches the round hole a bit, it is best if you create a better seal by putting a piece of vinyl tubing around the intake so the sponge can mate with it better.