Sera Spirulina O Nip Tabs


$ 14.99 
Size:  100 Tabs

These are great for livebearers and other fish that need spirulina in their diet.
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  • If you have a 55g custom 24" high with 18 Cories and 20 Tetras would a tab stuck to the glass mid way and a tab on the ground for the Cories be to much or should I just let the Cories get the food that falls. Concerned aboit over feeding thats the reason for the question. I feed my fish twice a day for a total of 3 minutes. 1.5 minutes each feeding. Thanks for your time. Great live stream today.

    I would stick both to the glass, and any that gets to the bottom for the corydoras. My line of thinking being 1 tab on the bototm is going to make all the corydoras pile on top of eachother for it. Where as the bits from the glass will diserpse and allow them to feed over a wider area.