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These shells are great for adding hardness into your water and work as dechlorinator as well!

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  • Hey Cory, I was wondering if these raise the GH or other things such as ph or Kh? Thank you very much! Brandon

    In our experience they only raise GH. 

  • Not a question but a request. You carry 4 different sizes. Can you on this page list the tank sizes for each please. That might make it easier to order the correct size. For example I'm guessing the Extra Small 1/2 oz is for tanks up to 10 gallons. And so on with the next size Wonder Shell.

    Unfortunately that recommendation would be hard. Wonder shells should be used based on how many minerals are in your tap water/ need to replaced on a regular basis. So the size for a 10 gallon here, where we have essentially nothing in our water, would be vastly different for someone with hard water etc. The best method is to test and find what quantity of wonder shell works well in your water with your water change schedule.

  • The description states that this product acts as a dechlorinator, but when I looked it up to try to learn if it will handle chloramine as well as chlorine, the product website only stated chlorine. So the question I have is, will wonder shells handle chloramine and chlorine or just chlorine? Thanks!

    To the best of our knowledge they only handle chlorine.