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If you want to ensure your pet fish are getting enough oxygen, one of the easiest ways is use an aquarium filter or accessory that run off an air pump – such as an air stone, sponge filter, fish tank bubbler, or moving bed filter. The aquarium air pump sits outside of the fish tank and uses electricity (either from a wall outlet or battery power) to pump air into your aquarium equipment. The air travels from the air pump to the aquarium decoration or device using aquarium airline tubing. Since the filter or tank bubbler is inside the aquarium, make sure water doesn’t leak out of the fish tank through the aquarium tubing by installing a check valve in between the air pump and the aquarium equipment. If you don’t have an adjustable air pump and it’s pumping too much air into the tank, add an aquarium air valve to control the air flow to your liking.

If you’re looking for the quietest air pump on the market, try the USB nano air pump. This small, almost silent air pump can run off a power outlet or a USB battery backup pack, which allows it to be used as an emergency air source during power outages or as a portable air pump to transport aquarium fish. If you are setting up multiple fish tanks or an entire fish room to run off a linear piston air pump, you may need other aquarium air pump accessories to help distribute the air, such as a gang valve or T-shaped aquarium airline splitter. The reason why many fish keepers prefer to use air pumps for fish tank filtration is because the flow is very gentle (for raising fry or nano fish), air-driven filters are very reliable, and the total cost is relatively cheap, especially when running many aquariums.