Mini Pre Filter Sponge

These mini pre filter sponges are great for small hang on back filters or very small power heads. With it's fine pores it clogs up quickly if too much flow is put through it. It has a low profile which people love however.

Intake hole: 0.5 an inch. 

Diameter: 1.25 inch

Length: 2.75 inch

Customer Reviews

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filter sponge

Works great!

It's exactly right.

It's just what I wanted and expected; It fits perfect on my new filter intake. The best part is, old crap that came out of the first filter I had that I acquired second-hand, rather than getting immediately sucked back into the new filter to sit and rot, instead it now sits on the outside of my filter sponge. So hopefully when I get snails, shrimp and fish, they can eat some of it, and whatever they don't want I can turn off my filter, remove the filter sponge, and clean it off. It should be so much easier than trying to 'fish' that gunk directly out of my filter.

I discovered Aquarium Co-Op shortly after I decided I wanted to try my hand at having my own aquarium again. I failed the first time (about 5 years ago), but I'm trying to do everything right this time, starting with doing a fishless cycle. I've been watching Aquarium Co-Op videos on YouTube for a few weeks now, and Cory's videos have been SO HELPFUL. He breaks things down in a clear, understandable way, and he has so many videos with so much useful content. Thanks Cory!

I was impressed that he had these custom made sponges to completely cover the intake, which being included in the first place sounds like a no-brainer, so I'm very grateful this has been created and available to purchase. I already felt pretty good about ordering from Aquarium Co-Op online the first time. Now after my first order arrived quick and exactly as expected, I want to order as many items as possible from Aquarium Co-Op. Thanks again!

Not for Aqueon Quietflow 10

Purchased this for the Aqueon Quietflow 10 but it is just slightly too small to be held on to the intake via being pinched between the pipe and glass. Should have went with the medium size, though it seems to hold decently while the filter is powered.

Intake Sponge

I love this product, I keep a HOB on all my tanks, and I have a lot of 20 long that I use a AquaClear 20 with, this intake sponge is perfect for it, no Fry will ever be sucked into the filter with this, Cory and the gang at the Co-oP shipped it lightning fast.

Mini sponge

Mini sponge cake quick and was exactly what I need. Looks good in the fish tank as well.