Easy Fertilizer Package

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You will get one bottle of our 250ml Easy Green and you get one 16oz bottle of  Easy Iron, and Easy Carbon.  Also you'll get a 20 pack of Easy Root Tabs.


Customer Reviews

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Most awesomeness!

Great product. And super dooper packaging. Easy green, easy Iron all the way!

works good

I use all 3 on most of my tanks from 10 gallons to 40. Other than adding flourish once in a great while its all I use. Not sure im sold on the easy carbon, but the rest are helping im sure.

Awesome Bundle

I was rather worried about starting a tank with live plants, but after finding Aquarium Co Op and this bundle, I am now confident I am able to not only keep my plants alive but also get them to thrive. The instructions and dosage are clearly explained and my plants are not melting as badly as I feared, but are growing and thriving. With the savings of the bundle and the effectiveness of the products, this is a great deal.

Very Happy!

It's been 2 weeks and every plant looks good and new growth is starting. I'm new at all this so I'm a happy camper ! Definitely will be a Aquarium Co-Op customer for life. Great products and fast service. Love my little banana plant. Already has 2 new leaves.

Great set

I like how easy these are to use. My plants have been loving these so far (about a week). The easy carbon has helped me get a handle on the algae problem my smaller tank had and my bigger tank is starting to get in line. I would definitely get any of these items again. Great work!