Easy Root Tabs

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Finally our new Easy Root Tabs are ready! We've taken a different approach with these and used actual soil with clays and minerals to make these. This makes for a much safer product if it was to ever get into the water column. It avoids ammonia spikes if it was to get loose and also doesn't make a huge mess like some others.

The gel caps dissolve in the gravel releasing all the nutrients into the gravel for plants to feed on. 


Instructions: Insert 1 capsule every 6 to 6 inches in a grid like pattern. Replace every 3 months or as needed depending on plant usage. Push to the bottom of your substrate for best results. 


  • Mineralized Top Soil
  • Red Clay
  • Magnesium
  • Nitrate
  • Phosphate
  • Potassium
  • Manganese
  • Zinc
  • Molybdenum
  • Iron

Customer Reviews

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Everything's good

Competitive pricing, great service. Not much more to say.

My plants seem to be happy!

I have issues having the capsule skin rising from the gravel and it kind of looks like a white moldy mass haha. but it could be that I have a difficult time burying it and it just floats back up! regardless, I would recommend these and I will buy them when I'm out.

Easy Root Tabs

Have been using the easy root tabs for the past year!! They are amazing and EASY to use!! All my root feeding plants are growing and looking great!!

Grew Plants I Thought Were Dead

I used to have a dwarf lily in my Betta tank that he liked chillin' on. It kept losing leaves and eventually disappeared. I put some other stem plants in the tank to give him somewhere to rest, and then decided to get these root tabs and some easy green nano to help the new plants grow faster and a month later I'm seeing several sprouts of dwarf lily emerging from the gravel. Guess it just needed more nutrients and didn't die after all!

Easy Peasy

This is my first time with a planted tank and the first time I've gotten any root tabs. I was a bit leary of getting any other brands as I was afraid of them getting into my water column. I like that these are more stable if that should happen. I love the easy green liquid ferts and also really like these easy root tabs. It's been a few weeks and my root feeding plants look greener and healthier. They have new growth as well!