Easy Fertilizer Package

This fertilizer package will cover all of your bases. Easy Green will handle all of your water column feeding plants(most plants) and the easy root tabs will handle root feeding plants like crypts and swords. Easy Iron will help bring out some reds if needed. Finally Easy Carbon will help fight off algae.

You will get one bottle of our 250ml Easy Green and you get one 16oz bottle of  Easy Iron, and Easy Carbon.  Also you'll get a 20 pack of Easy Root Tabs.


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Easy Fertilizer tabs

Yes they are easy to plant but if you have corydoras be sure to plant the capsules deep into the substrate. One of my corydoras went crazy and uprooted a capsule and seemed to love it! Had to replant back into the substrate and subsequently the capsule burst open! It did not adversely affect any of my fish including the over curious cory! My dwarf sag has really perked up since I planted the capsules. Definitely recommend for root feeders as long as you have enough substrate to plant them in.

Came in quick

Plants came in quick and as described. Have only used easy green for a week.

Easy...thus the name.

I have been using this package of products now for over a month and it lives up to the name. Easy is exactly what this is. What I am particularly impressed with, is that my 60 gallon planted tank is looking great and the plants are thriving. Before using this product my anubias were lake luster and anything else I put in the tank died. Now every thing is actually living and I am starting to try other plants. Thanks again for another great product that arrived quickly and lived up to what was promised.

Super Easy!!!

Love these 3 products. Simple and easy to use. My plants seem greener after the first few doses. Thank you Aquarium Co-op for all your hard work and dedicated service to people.


Purchased for the Easy Green and Easy Carbon for my 95 gallon wave front and 55 gallon lightly planted tanks. Ive been using the Green at a slightly lower dose weekly and the Carbon a few times a week when I remember. So far in with only a couple weeks of use Ive seen plant response. I have all slow growing plants mainly anubias and java fern with some floating wisteria. The anubias are attached to driftwood and they have noticeable root growth. Java fern has many more new shoots. I remove multiple handfulls of wisteria a week now. I might cut back to 1/2 dose of the Carbon because I'm noticed my algae growth slowing and for what I'm doing I like having it growing for my snails and barbs to snack on.
I would say the products work just like they are advertised.

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