Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily Bulb (Only)

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  • Easy to Grow
  • Colorful Leaves
  • Fast Growing Once Established

Dwarf aquarium lily is a unique plant both in color and the way it grows. It has triangular shaped leaves which can be pink or red in color and it while it grows leaves under the water's surface, it will also send lily pads up to reach the surface. 

The dwarf aquarium lily can thrive even under low light and provides a beautiful pop of color to any aquarium. It can grow relatively quickly once it gets established and will provide valuable shelter for fish, shrimp and fry with its robust leaves.

Customer Reviews

Based on 711 reviews
C.F. (Houston, TX, US)
Super healthy bulbs

I have a dirted tank. Took about 1 week submerged to show any sprouts. Then stayed like that about 2 more weeks. Once leaves started coming, they just shot out. Pics are about 6 weeks in.

These are great for shading a tank if you are getting algae on anubias or other slow growers. You will need to thin the leaves for other non-shade plants, or they wont get much light. Id put them in a dirted pot if tank was only gravel, not sure how well theyd do with just root tabs.

These bulbs are leaps and bounds nicer than the tiny sad moldy dried out ones sold at ----- big chain store

Jeremy B. (Dell Rapids, SD, US)

It's amazing!!! Only had it for a little bit, and it's already sprouting. Looking great. Never had any issues with aquarium co op!!! Love this place wish i could go there!!

James G. (New York, NY, US)
Red Dwarf

4 bulbs arrived quickly carefully packaged. I'm a little disappointed that only 3 of the four have sprouted.

Joshua T. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Amazing packaging

Both plants started growing quickly. The packaging was a great surprise. Both bulbs arrived still moist. Shipping was also very quick. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

Adam V.O.
Best place to buy aquarium plants!

Candi and Serina were able to help me out and were fantastic! The initial bulb I got didn't end up growing. I reached out to customer service and they responded to me in under an hour with advice to try. I gave it a shot with no results and they were able to send me a new one. The new bulb is growing perfectly now! The products and customers service here in unparalleled.

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