Pearl Weed

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  • Nano Plant
  • Good Ground Cover
  • Undemanding

Pearl Weed is on the smaller side as far as aquarium plants go, though it is technically a stem plant. It has slightly elongated, bright green leaves and delicate stems.

It thrives under medium and high light conditions and will grow upwards toward the light until trimmed off. It makes an excellent midground plant if kept short, but can also do very well as a background plant if allowed to grow out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 307 reviews
Moises G.P. (Seattle, WA, US)
Great plant.

Bought a couple planters and they are doing great. They were on a very healthy condition when purchased and they are thriving.
I am very happy with them.

Jesse C. (Columbus, OH, US)

Pearl Weed arrived healthy and green and received a good amount of the plant. Will be a returning customer.

Amanda P. (Crawfordville, FL, US)
Not what I normally get from them -- UPDATED to "exceeds expectations"!

Original review: I've ordered a number of plants (and other items) from Aq Co-op through the years and have always been pleased as punch. This pearlweed, however, left me a little taken aback. It arrived looking crushed and matted and mostly dead in its little basket, with just a smattering of sad looking little greenish leaves on top -- not at all what I'd expect (nor did any of other plants in the order look like that). However, because I know that even plants can have a bad day, I plopped it into my tank and hoped for the best. It did not thrive at all in the first place I put it, going down to only maybe a half dozen little greenish leaves. So I've moved it (a few days ago) to a spot in the tank where I've had pearlweed thrive in the past. Fingers crossed it perks up. Even if it doesn't, that wouldn't stop me from ordering it again from these guys because I know this is NOT the norm for their plants/products.
UPDATE -- ok, so mere moments after I posted this, I got a message from them offering me replacement, refund, or gift card. I already have a replacement plant ordered and on the way -- these guys are BEYOND awesome!!

Katie W. (Cincinnati, OH, US)
Great little plant!

My plants came in great shape and wonderfully packed!
Not a brown leaf or broken stem in sight!
And the fact that it comes planted in a pot is such a great thing when it comes to Pearl Weed for me since I'm heavy handed when planting, being able to just bury the whole pot is a huge bonus

Brooke W. (Ludington, MI, US)
Pearl Weed

Packaged well and arrived in good shape.