Tiger Lotus Bulb

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  • Colorful, Patterned Leaves
  • Easy to Care For
  • Grows Lily Pads

Tiger Lotus is just a beautiful plant and not difficult to grow. Given just medium light and plenty of nutrients, this plant will thrive. What makes Tiger lotus plants so popular is its reddish-green to deep red leaves with darker spots that are often purplish in color.

As it grows, tiger lotus plants will display its large leaves below the surface of the water while simultaneously sending lily pads up to reach the surface. It does well as a midground to background plant, but because it is so impactful, it can make a great stand alone plant as well.

Note: The leaves are fragile and may be damaged in transit, but there is no need for concern because the bulb will sprout new leaves within a couple of weeks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 433 reviews
Nathan G. (Charlotte, NC, US)

Leaves melted away but was replaced by new ones within a week. Excited to see it once’s it’s fully established.

RAR (Vancouver, WA, US)
Love this plant tiger lily

This plant is beautiful in my aquarium. I will be buy more when I get one of my other tanks up and going.

Alexa (West Covina, CA, US)
Great Plant and Service!

The first bulb I got was a dud, but after speaking with support I was shipped a new bulb right away and the new bulb is now doing fantastic in my fish tank. Fish love it too!

Sharon B. (Kalispell, MT, US)

Received my bulb 2 full days after my 72 hour heat pack gave out, and was very cold. Hope this little beauty makes it! Love all my Aquarium Co-op products!

jaron (Tacoma, WA, US)
Gave the tingle I was looking for

I saw what I got and it made me happy