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Betta Pellets

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This food is great for bettas. It comes with a small spoon to measure out the food. Great for having kids or pet sitters feed due to the included measuring spoon. Add some freeze dried blood worms to this mix and you're set.


Ingredients: Fish meal, wheat flour, soy-bean meal, krill meal, alpha amylase, minerals,calcium propionate, yellow 6 lake, vitamin E, vitamin K3, Vitamin B6,Vitamin B1, niacin, Vitamin B2, folic acid, biotin, ethoxyquin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, preservatives

Guaranteed Analysis:
Min Crude Protein 42.1%
Min. Crude Fat 6.3%
Max Crude Fiber 1.5%
Max Moisture 8.7%
Min Phosphorus 1.3%
Max Ash 9.1%

Customer Reviews

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Betta loves them

Seems to be a great pellet. Will order again.

My Betta liked these pellets

Added these pellets to his variety of food and he enjoys them. The bottle comes with a little spoon that makes it convenient to feed. Thank you Aquarium Co-op!

Happy betta

my 3 year old betta seems to like this better then the pellots i was feeding him.will buy again

Grains & Ethoxyquin?

Bettas eat meat. Those kept as pets are typically fed freeze-dried bloodworms that are available at any pet store. In the wild, bettas feast on bloodworms, shrimp, and insects like crickets, flies or even grasshoppers.

This food has grains as the 2nd and 3rd ingredients. This makes me question its use for carnivores, such as bettas.

Ethoxyquin is not healthy, yet it's in this food. Yuck!

Because the manufacturer is fine with the use of ethoxyquin, I suspect the grains in this food are genetically modified organisms - GMO's.

IMHO, this food is average, at best, for nutrition. (I can't give it 2.5 stars so I gave it 2 due to the yucky ethoxyquin.) Using soy to boost the protein content for carnivores is always questionable.

"So what" you may ask. "They're just fish! Besides, my fish like the taste." Kids like Twinkies, too, but sweets are restricted, not a staple. I'm sorry if you disagree with me, but my pets - even the "just" fish - are fed the best food I can find for the money. I do not include this food in my bettas' diet. (I recommend freeze-dried creepy-crawlers/swimmers and the Repashy, which I discovered on this very website. Good stuff! When you add water as directed it goes a long way.)

With this being said, I want to include that I, personally, agree with 90% of what this owner has to say, and I'm a tough sell. ;-) He's taught me a few things, and I appreciate his knowledge. This is why I recently started to buy from him~

My Betta devours this

I purchased this brand after listening to Corey mention it on a video about having great acceptance rates with Bettas. Mine absolutely love it and will eat it much faster than the Hikari Betta pellets.