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Dwarf Aquarium Lily Bulb (Only)

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This will be for a bulb only, not in a pot. Meant to be a cheaper item compared to potted. May contain 1 leaf. Easy to grow low light plant. Grows from a bulb. Bulb should be planted half way out of the substrate or it'll die back. Has both leaves down low and lily pads on top of the water. Can be fed root tabs or by water column fertilizer.

  • Scientific Name: Nymphaea stellata
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Placement: Background plant
  • Co2 Requirement: None
  • Preferred Fertilizer: Liquid - Easy Green Fertilizer & Root Tabs

***Being a natural product, sizes can vary from what is shown.***


Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Fingers crossed

It's kind of just sitting at the bottom of my tank right now. I've got my fingers crossed.

Another great order from Aquarium Co-Op

Received 2 bulbs each with a tiny stem showing (helped me know which end was up) and they have both taken off like champs. Thanks Aquarium Co-Op.

Great plant

Started growing within days , fantastic litte lily

Beautiful plant!

I purchased two of these and planted them in sand near each other. Both got Easy Green Root tabs near their base and receive daily Easy Green. Interesting thing is, one of them is growing very well it's huge now, with three lily pads all the way to the surface and another on its way up. The other plant is still very small, looks healthy but not really growing. Maybe it's just part of the cycle, it is a bulb after all. The red color and very lacy texture to the leaves makes it a real centerpiece.

Gorgeous plant!!!

Sure it comes in looking like an ugly blob, but WOW!!! It seemed to transform overnight and continues to amaze me each day, as it is more beautiful then the day before. I went back for anohter, but sold out, so I will continue to watch for this one.