Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily Bulb (Only)

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  • Easy to Grow
  • Colorful Leaves
  • Fast Growing Once Established

Dwarf aquarium lily is a unique plant both in color and the way it grows. It has triangular shaped leaves which can be pink or red in color and it while it grows leaves under the water's surface, it will also send lily pads up to reach the surface. 

The dwarf aquarium lily can thrive even under low light and provides a beautiful pop of color to any aquarium. It can grow relatively quickly once it gets established and will provide valuable shelter for fish, shrimp and fry with its robust leaves.

Customer Reviews

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David S.
Red Dwarf Lily

I ordered two lily bulbs at the end of April and they arrived on 1 March. I placed them in the tank as per the instructions. In about 3 days I had roots growing, then I planted them as the instructions said. Today is the 25th of March and the growth is amazing. I have runners that go to the surface with "lily pads" growing. I absolutely love it! I will be buying some more.

Anonymous (Gig Harbor, WA, US)
Amazing Plant

This is what my bulb looks like after almost five weeks. The plant has really thrived in my aquarium and my corydora catfish love to play with the big leaves. The package arrived in good time and the bulb was expertly packaged. I will certainly buy this bulb again or any of their plants.

new R.D.L.c.t. (Waterbury, CT, US)
Really Cool Plant

First one sank and did not grow. Second one arrived VERY fast (at no extra cost :), floated for a day (good sign) then started to sink. It is now growing nicely and is a great addition to the tank. Very interesting plant in that it grows from the tuber, but sends out roots from the stems. The leaves are like nothing else in either of my planted tanks (shape and color) and really adds to the character of the aquarium. Would definitely recommend. Despite warnings that snails can arrive on any plant, I like Aquarium Coop plants because, having purchased multiple plants, I have received no surprises; just healthy plants of the species ordered.

Evonne R. (Boise, ID, US)
Love It

It started to spout in less than a week. I'm excited to watch it grow. I love all the plants I have bought from Aquarium Co-op. My tip to success with this lily is to gently rinse it when it arrives and allow it to float in your tank.

Tayler D. (Casper, WY, US)
Dwarf lily

This is a replacement for my first bulb I purchased. After working with some outstanding customer service it was determined that I had received a bad bulb and they sent me the replacement immediately. The new bulb is already sprouting and putting out roots. I want to emphasize the quality of customer service. Thanks!