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USB Nano Air Pump

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This small almost silent air pump is great for nano tanks. It also is a decent choice for adding an air stone to an existing larger tank. It runs off USB, which means it's great in a power outage situation with a battery pack back up(purchased from a retailer like amazon*) used for cell phones. In our testing it uses 1/3 of a watt under load.  With the clip you can also hang this air pump from above your aquarium eliminating the need for a check valve. Also gives you the ability to hang it in a car for a long trip fish purchase. These are so versatile.

The air output is lower than standard air pumps which allows it to run near silently and uses very little electricity. This means it is best suited to run small sponge filters or an air stone. Great for shrimp and betta tanks, or making sure oxygen is in your larger aquariums. ***Can not be submerged, can't get wet. This air pump only operates outside of an aquarium.***

Comes with the USB plug in adapter.

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Customer Reviews

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Great air pump

Works amazing I have it running a Sponge filter and an air stone just using one USB air pump Can you don't hear it very quiet


Works well and is fairly quiet compared to larger air pumps. Convenient usb type cord and hanger

great little pump

Quiet, not a ton of air, but it's sufficient for brine shrimp hatching or for a small tank. I wouldn't use this as the only filtration pump on a tank any bigger than a 10 gallon. I love that it's micro USB because that makes this usable either in a car or during a power outage with a USB power bank. The carabiner is a nice touch, especially for brine shrimp hatching where you want your air line tubing higher than your hatch bottle as it allows you to easily hang the pump. Would be nice if it included an air stone and or some tubing, because those things are super cheap and it'd be nice for someone setting up a new tank to not have to buy those as well.

Great Lil Air Pump

Very quiet, small, and convenient. Had no clue my old air pump on my kitchen tank was on it's way out till I bought this and normal filter outflow returned. Now Betta Buddy and cherry shrimp are happy and healthy again. And no more walking air pump to fall in water. I also love that when the power goes out I can plug it in to a power bank. I will be buying a couple more very soon.

Nano Pump

So far I am impressed with the amount of air the pump pushes and its quietness, I am curious as to how long I can leave it running. I have it laying on my counter top aerating a hospital tank and it's not bouncing around making crazy noise. I would recommend it to others