USB Nano Air Pump

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  • Convenient and Portable
  • Quiet When Running
  • Low Power Consumption

This small, almost silent, air pump is great for nano tanks or for adding an air stone to an existing larger tank. It runs via USB power, which means it's also great in a power outage situation with a battery pack back up used for cell phones.

In our testing, the pump uses 1/3 of a watt of power under load. With the carabiner clip, you can also hang this air pump from above your aquarium - eliminating the need for a check valve. Or you can hang it in a car for a long trip to an event or fish store. Overall, these little pumps are extremely versatile.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1479 reviews
Genevieve H. (Dallas, TX, US)
I've had one for two or three years now

Runs great and quiet

Lynn B. (Carlsbad, NM, US)

great service, replaced a pump that quit working.

Peggy H. (Durham, NC, US)
works great- bought 2

I have a 2.5 gal tank and a 5 gal tank using these pumps. I set up each of my tanks with a co-op nano sponge filter, the ziss air stone and this pump. I use the 2.5 gal tanks for plant cuttings and the 5 gal is for guppy babies. This pump is extremely quiet and perfect for the 2.5 gal. The 5 gal probably could use a better filter system to be perfectly clear, but I don't want my babies to get caught up in the filtration. So, for now, what I have going on in these tanks is perfect.

Kelsey A.

Works perfect paired with the good sponge filter from aquarium co-op

Cheryl P. (New Brighton, PA, US)

I love this pump for running breeder boxes and my brine shrimp hatchery.