Floating Betta Exercise Mirror

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  • Keeps Fish Active
  • Decreases Boredom
  • Floats by Itself

This floating mirror can be used as a way for your betta to 'exercise' and flare their fins. It teaches them how to present themselves to other bettas much like they would in their natural habitat. It is a great tool to generally reduce boredom for your fish and as a way for you to interact with them more.

The floating betta mirror is very easy to use and does not require any assembly. Just drop it in your aquarium and the attached clear ball will keep the mirror floating near the surface. Ideally used for just a few minutes each day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Elijah J. (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Great for Betta!

I used it with both bettas, one got the memo and flared up when he saw it and the other swam away, but after continued use he’ll probably get used too it

John D. (Sanford, FL, US)
Betta exercise mirror

Very happy with my purchase, I received it very quickly and my betta enjoys flairing up for the “other” betta.

SandyK (Salt Lake City, UT, US)
Be Careful

This is well built and I'm sure some bettas would have fun with it. However my betta was scared enough to hide in the watersprite and wouldn't come out for half an hour or so. There was no way to predict that he would be so afraid, just be prepared to pull it out right away if needed.

Thomas S. (Greeley, CO, US)

My Beta loves his new toy.
I’m not sure but I think he looks forward to it every day at a certain time of day. You can’t go wrong, I highly recommend this product!!

Carl C. (Mt. Pleasant, SC, US)
Great little device for keeping bettas healthy

Purchased this a few months back and its great. You put it into the tank, it floats at the top and when my male betta sees it... he puffs himself up and his gills extend. As per the directions printed right on the mirror itself only let the betta do this for 5 minutes, no longer, or the exercise turns to stress on the fish. I like this little thing because it floats freely and when the betta puffs himself up he is beautiful and I can really inspect his fins and tail and make sure they are in good, healthy condition. And as always, Aquarium Co-Op is awesome.