Dennerle Snail Catcher

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  • Quickly and Easily Catches Snails
  • Handle Extends For Better Reach
  • Easy to use

It's easy to collect unwanted snails from your aquarium with this snail catcher. To remove them, simply drag the snail catcher across the aquarium glass and guide the snails through the rollers and into the trap. The extendable telescopic handle makes reaching snails easy and keeps your hands dry. Open the trap to release snails once finished.

Customer Reviews

Based on 158 reviews
I. H. (St Louis, MO, US)
Works very well

I have a tank with hill stream loaches and gobies. They require sinking foods and need plenty of time to graze. Of course these are also perfect snail farm conditions. The snail catcher lets me take out an insane amount of snails in minutes; much more efficient than using my fingers. It's actually kind of fun harvesting them, and then they become snacks for my yoyo loaches.

Calen S. (Austin, TX, US)
Just what I needed!

This is just what I needed! I don't want to completely get rid of my trumpet and bladder snails because I actually love them. But I most definitely wanted a easy, quick and efficient way to keep there numbers down to a Manageable level. I was easily able to capture all the snails sliding across the glass. Bigish ones and even little tiny baby ones. Now it won't work well with plants, rock or most substrate well, but any snails on the glass are toast haha. Can't recommend enough. Should be a part of all planted tank owners accessories.

Linda N. (Coventry, RI, US)
So much easier to catch snails!

I love the extendable arm, and the ease of use to collect snails for my pea puffers which are in a different aquarium.

Floyd S.
easy catch

removed from order thought net works... next order thought oh heck I'll give it a try...just used... had to laugh it works...get roller and basket flat on surface... zap you have a snail... no shaking to loosen it and drops out of basket much easier than getting snail free of net...glad I bought it

Najee N. (Teaneck, NJ, US)
Works great

Not over feeding my tank but snails keep appear, pretty sure they’re hatching from egg on plants I added, but this lets me get the bigger one at night when they come up on the glass