Dennerle Snail Catcher

To remove unwanted snails simply drag the snail catcher across the aquarium glass and guide the snails (max. size6mm) through the rollers and into the trap. The extendable telescopic handle (max: 31 cm) stops your hands getting wet.

    • Easy and fast
    • With telescopic handle
    • Easy to use

***Only works on glass or acrylic surfaces, not wood, rocks, substrate etc.***

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
was not happy

If the snails are not on the glass of the aquarium then the device does not work at all. Was not impressed and was disappointed with it. Would not recommend buying it if you have a lot to get rid of in your tank-UNLESS they are all on the glass that is. The little white tumbler in the wand does not roll well on soft or uneven surfaces.


This little contraption is fabulous for removing small snails from the aquarium glass! Whether you have accidental pest snails, or need to relocate intentional snails, this will do the trick! It is smaller than I was expecting, but it works like a charm. I have both bladder snails and mystery snails (many many baby mystery snails!), so I was a little concerned about getting the "good" snails with the "bad" snails, but I just empty it into a plastic container and it becomes much easier to sort them out. I found that if I have a snail that is not wanting to go in the collection area, sometimes rolling the wheel back and forth slowly can get it in the right position to fall into place.
Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes!
Would I buy this again? Absolutely!
It is totally worth the cost in my opinion!

Great snail remover

I have quite a few tanks with snails through out my house. I also have a tank with Dwarf puffers that need food. Needless to say I also have the bad habit of chewing on my nails. Lack of nails makes it hard to remove the snails from the tank. This has made my life easier. I just run this all over the glass in my tanks then dump the holding trap into my Puffer tank. I love this thing. You got Pond or MTS. this will help you .

Simple and Brilliant

Great product. Works as intended. Perfect for dealing with my ramshorn and bladder snail outbreak.

A Must Have Product!

I work at a chain store ( un- named ) and I have been pulling snails out by hand for a long time now, but I got this product and in 10 minutes, I achieved 2 hours of work!