Aquarium Co-Op Small Fish/Fry Food

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This food comes in a squeeze bottle so you can feed lots of tanks fast and efficiently. After testing it for many months and seeing the results in my fish, I have decided to offer it up for sale so that you too can take advantage of the growth and health. You will receive one bottle. Each bottle has 4oz of food in it.

  • Min. Crude Protein - 55%
  • Min. Crude Fat - 18%
  • Min. Crude Fiber - 2%
  • Min. Phosphorus - 1.3%

Ingredients: Salmon Fish Meal - Dried Yeast - Marine Protein - Spirulina - Kelp - Vegetable Products - Fish Oil - Lecithin - Calcium Phosphate - Vitamin Supplements: A, E, D-3, B1, B12 & Biotin - Stabilized Vitamin “C” - minerals and amino acids


Customer Reviews

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Excellent food for small fish and super easy to use!

Title says it all. My guppy fry love it, my tetras love it and hey even my barbs like it too!

Good Stuff

The fish love this food. My guppy fry just love it and it’s so easy to use!! I’ll be getting more when I need it!

Great fry food!

Love the food! Not a great fan of bottle.

Great for Corydoras fry

ive reaised probably about 200 or so corydoras paleatus on this and they are all big healthy fellas, thanks jimmy for the tips on getting them to spawn again!

Best dry food ever

I've got a 10g tank with Celestial Pearl Danios with shrimp and snails and this is what I usually feed daily and it's been great for the danios and their tiny mouths. I've actually got one danio fry that survived by chance with no intervention, and he has already colored up even though he's still a tiny little bugger so he must love this stuff. I've had no success with attempted infusoria cultures so far so it's really nice to have a dry food get this kind of result.

I don't use the nozzle, I just take little pinches because overfeeding causes a seed shrimp explosion in this tank. Once I get a 40g for these guys and increase their numbers I might start using it but until then, a little goes a long way... I've just been really impressed with this stuff - it's one thing for guppy fry to love it like a lot of these reviews say but for a CPD fry to thrive on it you really know this stuff has some tiny goodness in it. Thanks Cory for making my first foray into aquaria where literally everything has gone wrong just a little bit easier.