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Medium Pre Filter Sponge

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This is a coarse pre filter sponge for filter intakes. This bridges the gap between the small and large sponge filters. Working best on most mid sized hang on back filters. Half inch hole for filter intake. Can stretch a bit if needed. Our pre filter sponges are closed on one end to prevent fry from being sucked up.

Intake hole: 1/2 inch

Diameter: 2 1/2 inch

Length: 3 inches

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A Must

Putting this not only blocks food from getting stuck in your filter. This helps keep the tank clean and I feel great knowing it is trapping a lot when I clean them.

The Part Your HOB Filter is Probably Missing

The size of this pre-filter sponge is "almost" perfect for a Tetra Whisper 60 intake. If it was just 1/4 of an inch longer it would be even better. The top-most slit on the intake is still exposed, but it will do. I can always use an appropriate sized O-ring to cover the top slit if I so desire. It filters out a lot of the crud before it enters and clogs the internal filter media and also provides more surface area for beneficial bacteria.


Great product

Great sponge!

Love how it fits perfectly in the
Intake tube on my AC50!

Great Additions to my Filtration

So far these seem to be working very well and catching a lot of detritus before it gets into my canister filters. This is greatly reducing my workload as I can simply clean out these sponges weekly during water changes/gravel vacs. Very cost effective tool to help reduce maintence. I would buy these for every tank I own going forward!!