Aquatop UV Sterilizer Filter

Submersible Heater

Submersible UV filter with integrated UV sterilization. This innovative and flexible design is perfect to help you eliminate unsightly algae and control unwanted algae blooms. The UV bulb aids in the health of aquatic life by eradicating free floating microorganisms and disease causing pathogens in both salt and freshwater aquariums.

The SP-UV filter uses a submersible top-mounted pump to draw water past its high output and and compact UV bulb. The UV bulb is encapsulated in a unique quartz sleeve and each model of SP-UV includes a pre-filter to mechanically filter organic waste before water passes over the UV bulb. 


  • Swivel spout for multi-directional output
  • Adjustable water flow for various tank sizes 
  • Replaceable 5 watt UV sterilizing bulb
  • Top-mounted pump and UV bulb have independent power sources
  • No additional plumbing needed, ready to drop in and turn on 
  • Eliminates free-floating algae and keeps water crystal clear
  • Germicidal grade UV bulb - 25,000 µW/CM2
  • Large mechanical pre-filter sponge
 Capacity Adj Flow Rate Dimensions Volt/Freq Uv Bulb Pump
Up to 40 Gallons 70-125 GPH 9"x3"x2.5" 110-120V/60Hz 5 Watt 7 Watt


! WARNING ! Keep this appliance away from children at all times. Do not look directly into the UV lamp when plugged in. UV light will cause damage to your eyesight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
U V steilizer

I got this for my 40 gal goldfish tank it worked great

This little guy packs a wallup!

I was surprised when this 5 watt unit completely cleared my 300 gallon koi tank full of "pea soup" heavy algae. In just a few days the water was clear to the bottom of the tank and more importantly I could enjoy watching my colorful koi again! I have an unboxing video of this unit and follow-up underwater koi video on the River Life YouTube channel. Thanks Team Aquarium Co-Op for coming through again with this highly efficient unit. Recommend

Dan in San Antonio

I received a UV filter and the glass was broken in shipment. I called Aquarium Co Ops and they sent me a replacement that arrived in excellent shape. Thanks Cory and his team. Excellent customer service. My 55 gallon turned from green to clear in a few days.

Excellent product

Does a terrific job cleaning water. Wish the pump part was available separately, as burned out two units pumps because of low water. The light continues to work well in these units. Filters require daily cleaning in my goldfish tanks, so does better in my sumps. I also have two of the larger models of the same UV filter (not carried by Aquarium Co-op).

great product

this filter completely got rid of my algae tank is crystal clear again...service and advice was great as always...

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