Finnex Canister Filter PX-360

These mini canister filter fits a unique niche. Great filtration for nano tanks all the up to 20 gallons.

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Nice filter

I have had this filter for 3 weeks now in a heavily planted and overstocked tank. It works perfectly! I have tried many other filters and they all were too strong of flow for the tank or they just couldn't keep up with the filtration. I agree with one of the comments about cleaning, it is a pain, but the benefits far exceed the inconvenience of the filter cleaning.

Filters fine, cleaning is a pain

This gets 4 stars because the cleaning is such a pain. I have it hanging on my 50 gallon which houses 8 Fancy Goldfish and 2 common plecos that I’m growing out. The tank already has 2 sponge filters, but it needed more flow. This filter has a spray bar which I like. It has really helped clean up the water. I just hate cleaning it out!

Had high hopes

Can't get the lid to seal properly. It is sucking in air. Very noisy and a lot of micro bubbles.

Finnex PX-360 Filter

I got this on the Black Friday filter sale a couple weeks ago. It's one heck of a filter! It's doing a great job on my 26 gallon long tank. It puts out a decent current but not so much that it bothers my Red Cherry shrimp. Easy to set up too. I love it!

Works like a charm!

I have had this filter set up for a few weeks and it is perfect for my heavily planted 7 gallon.
It comes with media, and a couple different of intake / out flow variations are achievable right out of the box.
I feel that it’s a less expensive version of the original eheim canister, and in my experience so far it is right on par with it.
It does suggest placing the canister level behind the tank or hanging it on back (I feel if I wanted a HOB I would’ve bought one) I’ve broken the rules and bought some extensions for tubing and have it mounted underneath my tank in the stand. It specifies in the directions to not exceed two feet below the tank but I’m a bit non-compliant with 3 feet.
The reduction in power is negligible for me.
Overall a good product. The service from Aquarium Co-op is fantastic, I’ve enjoyed my experiences with them.

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