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Koralia Nano Circulation Pump

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Koralia Circulation and Wave Pump

Compact, energy saving, this Koralia Pump is Ideal to recreate in aquarium the natural and beneficial water motion of rivers and seas. Supplied with patented magnet-suction cup support for easy and safe positioning , Koralia can be connected to a controller and set to intervals of seconds, minutes or hours. Cable protector included.


  • 240gph Flow Rate
  • Timer Compatible
  • Anti Vibration System 
  • Cable Protector Included
  • Super Safe Magnet + Suction Cup
  • Compact 2.4in Wide
  • For Freshwater and Marine Aquariums


Model Power Consumption Flow Rate Freshwater Marine
koralia 240 3.5w 240 gph 16 - 28 gal 10 - 15 gal

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Works great and quiet!

I use this pump in my 29 gallon and 40 gallon tanks. I think the increased water flow helps the tanks stay cleaner (combination of sponge and ziss filters). It also seems to help reduce algae, and best of all, the fish love it! The rummy nose tetras and the dwarf neon rainbows especially love to get right in front of it and swim against the current. It's fun to watch them play!

Quiet, powerful, and gets the job done

I installed this on my 75g to improve flow since my Cascade 700 couldn't quite alleviate all the dead spots in the hardscape. Works beautifully. A couple of things to anyone considering/working with one of these:

- The external magnet is necessary to eliminate noise with this pump. It may seem loud if you are experimenting with position, but once fully mounted it is silent.
- When you're setting this pump up, turn it upward and shake lightly to dislodge any extra air trapped in the internals. This helps cut down on noise as well.
- Because the pump uses a suction cup and paired magnet, you can't really mount it through a 3D background. This made it tough to get exactly the orientation of flow that I wanted.
- The cord is a little short, for a large tank depending on position you might need some creative wiring to make a drip loop.

Good little pump

I use this in my 33 long to circulate my water. It isn’t too strong for my guppies, Tetras, or dwarf neons. I don’t leave it on 24/7 though, especially now that I have guppy fry.

Great little pump

Koralia nano circulation pump is a nice addition to my 30 gallon planted tank. Gives just the right amount of water movement.