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Brine Shrimp Hatchery Kit

Hurry only 9 left!
Hurry only 9 left!

Kit requires a 2 liter bottle to screw into the base. Also requires a air pump to run it. We recommend the Aquatop ap-50 and a air valve to make the most out of this kit. 

Cory's Notes: I use this exact kit with a 2 liter bottle to hatch live brine shrimp in my own fish room.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Follow Cory's Instructions

Works great! I set up mine just like Cory says in the description and had a very successful brine hatch and my fish loved it!

Needs a little alteration

The hatchery works well just out of the bag, but it is a little loud because of the large bubbles it produces. I drilled out the air opening a little bit and shoved in an air stone that I can easily remove with aquascaping tweezers when its time to harvest.

Very happy

Very happy with the product and the service.

Great product

Thx for your way fast service and great products. The hatchery is easy to use. I had an almost perfect hatch first time out.

Works great

So far I have only used this once but it worked very well. As suggested I use an airline control valve and also a one way check valve between the hatchery and air pump. Makes it real easy to harvest the shrimp. The only weak link in the system is the flimsy Diet Sprite bottle I have. Oh for the days of sturdy thick walled plastic soda bottles. When I first screwed the bottle to the hatchery and filled it with water the water started seeping around the threads. Tightened the bottle down firmly and it crushed in from handling. Popped the bottle sides back out and refilled. No leaks and operation fine from then on. My community tank went wild over the brine shrimp. Even the cory cats got in on the feast.