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Easy Feeder Auto-Feeder

New Arrival
New Arrival

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 Set it and let it feed your fish everyday 

Great for everyday use whether you're home or away. Reliably dispenses accurate portions to prevent over or under feeding fish. Manual release knob allows for feeding outside pre-programmed times. 

Easy to Use
  • Adjustable slider allows you to set desired portion 
  • Feed up to 10 times per day.
  • Can also be used as an amphibian or reptile feeder; ideal for terrariums 
  • 2 methods for mounting. Mount on the rim or with the sticky pad.
  • Runs off one AA battery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great feeder

I couldn’t be happier. So I’ve used many auto feeders and I like this one the best so far.

I prefer mechanical over digital as the digital ones seem to fail at a much higher rate. This is so easy to set up and use. I bought 1 to test. I’ll be buying more for my other tanks.

I highly recommend to anyone looking for an auto feeder

4.8/5 Would buy again

- 5/5 on easy to use, adjusting the clock and feeding time takes seconds and is intuitive.
- 5/5 on looks, It's a good looking product, looks good on the tank and on a shelf when not in use.
- 5/5 on effectiveness, the feeding barrel and adjustment is great, reliable and easy to dial in.
- 4/5 sturdiness, when I hold the feeder my thought is, "i bet this will last a long time, better not drop it though, feels like a tall drop would break it" may be tougher than it "feels" though.
- 5/5 on value, worth it
- now if only there was some sort of adapter that would make this usable with tight lid aquariums ;)

It's in the name

Super easy to set up. Multiple ways to mount it to your tank. EASY EASY EASY

Two thumbs way up!

From the packaging to the product it is excellent! Easy to use and set up. Priced right. If you are in the market for an auto feeder this is a must buy!

Very EASY to use auto feeder!

This feeder is used on the weekends on my classroom fish tank and I really love it. The construction is solid and so is setting it up. I use the slide on stick mount on the glass top of my 20 long and during the week the students feed, slide on the feeder Friday afternoon and fish get fed all weekend. The little pegs make it easy to time the feedings and the compartment holds a good amount of food. I’ll be purchasing this for my home tanks as well!