Sera O Nip Tabs

Sera O Nip Tabs are the best way to get a great look at your fish. They combine lots of high end ingredients in a compressed tablet that you stick on the inside of your aquarium. Accepted by the a wide variety of fish, rarely will fish not go bonkers for these.

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O-SNAP Tabs!

All my fish love these tablets! I feed them to my geophagus tank and a separate guppy colony tank. My fish hit these pellets hard andtabs literally only last a few minutes.

Great food

This is a food which is great for feeding small mouthed fish such as pencilfish, guppies, thread finned rainbow fish and the like. It allows them to eat over a long period of time as well and they do not have to struggle to take small bites out of large chunks before the food sinks. If the portions are too large they can be halved or quartered and then stuck to the glass for the same effect.

Fun treat

These are really fun to get all my fish to come up to the glass at family gatherings where everyone want to see the fish. Also pretty good for my smaller middle feeders that get out-competed. The big guys munch straight off the tab and the little guys grab up all the little pieces that float off.


These tabs are great for bringing the while community out for viewing. My neice and nephew love to watch the fishies eat! I feed them two times a week, and i split them in half. (My gourami gets a little territorial over his piece)

No time is a good time to NOT use this product...

Just worked this into my food rotation. I have a small community tank (rasboras, BN plecos, honey gourami and pee puffer) and a species tank filled with 20+ Celestial Pearl Danios and snails. Both tanks went bonkers for this food. Attached 1 tablet per tank to the top third of the tank and it was fun to watch the fish frenzy. Especially liked how it slowly released/rained food particles down. The rasboras and CPDs responded well to this. Although, none of the fish nibble swarmed the tablet, it was still fun to watch. For small fish and light stocking loads a half or quarter tablet would have been better. Great product!!!

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