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Nowadays in the fish keeping hobby, we have the luxury of choosing from hundreds of fish foods produced by companies all over the world. Some people are die-hard fans of certain brands and will only buy Hikari fish food or Repashy gel food. Others like trying a little of everything and may choose one brand as their favorite betta fish food, another brand for their favorite goldfish food, and so forth. The most important thing is to feed a wide variety of foods to ensure that your fish get all the essential nutrients and minerals they need to grow strong and healthy. Feeding from the same jar of fish food flakes day after day is like giving a human only granola bars for every meal. No matter how “comprehensive” the fish food claims to be, eventually the fish can develop health issues related to nutrient deficiencies in their diet.

At Aquarium Co-Op, our goal is not to sell every fish food on the market but rather to provide you a curated list of the highest-quality fish flakes, fish pellets, and freeze-dried fish food we’ve found. If it’s not something we would feed our own aquarium fish, then it’s not in our store. When testing a new tropical fish food or pond fish food, we look at the ingredients and nutrients, cost, how quickly the fish eat the food, and how dirty the food makes the water. If you need some recommendations on our favorite fish foods to feed on a consistent basis, read our article on 5 High-Quality Fish Foods That You Have to Try.