Pleco Banquet Block

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  • Feeds Tanks for an Extended Time
  • Packed With Algae and Wood Ideal for Plecos
  • Will Not Cloud Water

Pleco Banquet Food Blocks are ideal for feeding plecos as well as many other bottom feeders like shrimp and snails. They are especially useful if you go on vacation and want to ensure your fish aren't going hungry. Pleco Banquet Blocks can also be part of your regular food rotation as they contain nutritious algaes, calcium and wood fibers to support the long-term health of your plecos. The Pleco Banquet Block will eventually dissolve completely. How quickly depends on how much your plecos munch on it and the acidity of your aquarium water. May slightly increase hardness of water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
WANDA M. (Louisville, KY, US)

Fish loved it.

Marianna C. (Cedaredge, CO, US)
Great product

My Pleco’s love this.

Liz ('Ewa Beach, HI, US)
I was skeptical at first

I got these blocks in hopes my bristlenose cats would leave my new anubias barteri alone. At first no one was interested. As the night wore on, the babies came out in droves to sample it. This morning the adults are on it. Will definitely be repurchasing this again, and hopefully it keeps my plants safe.

Chad K. (Kenton, OH, US)

Pleco Banquet Block

David D. (Port Richey, FL, US)
pleco block

just what my pleco's wanted