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  • Treats anchor worms
  • Treats fish lice
  • Treat your ponds and aquariums

CyroPro™ is a ready-to-use, liquid medication used to treat anchor worms and fish lice in your ponds and aquariums (freshwater or marine). It is safe to use with fish, reptiles and amphibians, and snails but should not be used with crustaceans. It also will not negatively affect your biological filtration.

Commonly used to treat:
— Anchor worm (Lernaea spp.)
— Fish lice (Argulus spp.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Allan G. (Waikoloa, HI, US)

Aquarium Co-Op to the rescue yet again. Fast competent service and shipping saved my fish! Thank you

Janet K. (Madison, WI, US)
CyroPro...too soon to tell, but optimistic.

I’m optimistically following the instructions on the CyroPro, but anticipate (like many things in aquariums, right?) to see a slow, gradual turn around for the better in my overall fish health. I bought this because I saw two nasty anchor worms on one fish, first time ever in many years (decades, actually) of keeping fish.

Desiray C.

I have not used it yet to give a review.

Marie E. (Pine Bluff, AR, US)
Order from co-op

Plants are awesome!! Unable to share pics. Very prompt delivery. I did lose 1 plant that melted and did not regrow however I believe it was because of other reasons as I had an issue with my water perimeters in that tank and should have waited to place the plant a few more days.

ADK G. (Piercefield, NY, US)

Great Product. Highly recommend.
I believe this medicine saved my 7 goldfish's lives. I treated both tanks. It first seemed like there was a vertebra looking thing coming out of my fishes gill,as she was gasping for air on the bottom of the tank. The first 2 weeks I thought she was going through a rough time. Almost approaching the third week and she is swimming again. After the first week, I rinsed the media as usual. looked like there were hundreds of dead creatures. So gross! Definitely hook worms but also a weird looking crustaceans tiny things too. After the 2nd week, there were smaller dead creatures. Wish I had a microscope, but YUK!. Only one fish had a problem. So Glad -I treated all my goldies. Treat for the 21 days as directed.