Bug Bites Pleco Formula Sticks

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  • Protein and Fiber Rich
  • Black Soldier Fly Larvae as #1 Ingredient
  • Replicates Bottom Feeder's Natural Diet

Since fish naturally feed on insects in the wild, Fluval has made Bug Bites - an insect-based food with Black Soldier Fly Larvae as the #1 ingredient. The Pleco Formula is high in protein, but also high in fiber to mimic bottom feeder's natural diet.

Bug Bites are naturally tasty to fish since they contain mainly insect protein and contain no artifical fillers, colors or perservatives. Bug Bites Pleco Formula has added vitamins and minerals as well for best fish growth and condition. Feed as a daily diet or part of your fish food rotation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Sheila S. (San Antonio, TX, US)
Bug Bites Pleco LOVES

My sweet little bristlenose pleco loves these. I also made him 3 versions of the Repashy with tiny ice cube trays that I froze and then dumped food cubes into a container. Easy to swap up its food to keep life interesting. Peace!

stanford t. (Mililani Town, HI, US)
Bristle nose catfish love it.

Normally my bristle nose catfish are hiding all the time, I hardly ever see them . I just drop Bug Bites Pleco food in the tank, they all just pop out hiding and starting chowing down.

melissa (Fort Worth, TX, US)

These seem to be liked by several of the fish and the pleco.

John A. (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Great Pleco food source

My Pleco loves these. Worth keeping on hand to offset another food.

Ashley H. (Shelton, WA, US)
Bug Bites Pleco Stikcs

The Plecos love the formula sticks. Other fish in the tank are eating them too.