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Dennerle Shrimp King Protein

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Feed sticks for targeted nutritional supplementation with high-quality proteins and essential amino acids. Protein content 42.2%. For times when increased protein is required, e.g. during egg formation.

Sinking, water-stable feed sticks consisting of 100% natural ingredients as a targeted protein supplement.
Shrimp King Protein has significantly higher protein content in comparison with the main food at 42.2%. It is fed as part of the normal feeding program for variety and as a nutritional supplement. At the same time, Shrimp King Protein enables an increased protein supply during times of increased need e.g. during the reproduction phase and egg formation. Shrimp species with inherently higher protein requirements can also feed appropriately for their species.

The proteins and essential amino acids all originate primarily from aquatic animals (Gammarus, Daphnia, decapsulated Artemia cysts, shrimps, green-lipped mussel) and as a result have optimum nutritional composition and bioavailability.

Shrimp King Protein is also ideal for feeding crayfish, dwarf crayfish (CPOs), crabs, long-arm shrimps and snails.

Ingredients: Bacterial protein from Corynebacterium glutamicum, insect proteins, stinging nettles, dandelion, mulberry leaves, Daphnia, krill, chlorella algae, montmorillonite, Moringa oleifera, rosemary, mannan-oligosaccharides, ß-glucans, flower pollen, turmeric, cinnamon
Analytical constituents: 42.6% crude protein, 7.5% crude fat, 5.9% crude fiber, 13.4% crude ash

Customer Reviews

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SK Protein

Bought this to try it out with my Yellow Neocaridinia. They seem to like it and I know the ingredients are healthy for them. It is definitely a food I would recommend to anyone to add to their feeding rotation. As a side note the Endlers that I keep with them also like to peck at it.

Feeding Frinzy

All of my shrimp (4 tanks) love Shrimp King foods. The protein version suppliments the needs of the berried females. I love the way it falls apart so there's less squabbling over food. I alternate this version with the Complete, Mineral, and Algae Shrimp King pellets. Happy prolific shrimp!