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Dennerle Shrimp King Snail Stixx

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Shrimp King SnailStixx are specially developed basic food sticks providing a biologically balanced diet for freshwater snails.

Shrimp King SnailStixx contain all important nutrients and building blocks aquarium snails require every day. The food‘s composition is based on the natural periphyton which snails as “grazers“ feed upon. Valuable vegetables, e. g. carrots, kelp algae, tomatoes and spinach, provide the mollusks with essential vitamins and secondary phytochemicals for a functioning metabolism. Natural fibers promote a healthy digestion. 

High-quality proteins and essential amino acids from microorganisms provide for a balanced growth and plentiful reproduction. The extra high proportion of calcium offers  excellent conditions for a strong, well-formed shell. Each food portion represents a varied nutrition thanks to the numerous ingredients – just like the natural periphyton.

Shrimp King SnailStixx are ideally suited for all species of snails feeding off periphyton. Ensures a balanced growth, plentiful reproduction and a strong shell. 

Ingredients: Carrots, kelp algae, tomatoes, spinach, bacterial protein from Corynebacterium glutamicum, rice, calcium carbonate

Analytical constituents: 21.5% crude protein, 2.0% crude fat, 6.0% crude fiber, 16.8% crude ash

Customer Reviews

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Fine Dining

I have Nerite, Gold Inca and Ramshorn snails. I feed them a varied diet including blanched cucumber, algae wafers, homemade snail gel, etc. but when given a choice, the Inca and Ramshorn seem to really prefer these SnailStixx. The product does break down quickly but I place the sticks on several ceramic platforms on the bottom of the tank. The snails devour this food pretty quick so I haven't experienced uneaten Stixx leaving behind a mess.

Like these

My mystery snails love these, nerite snails don't touch them. My amano shrimp have also eaten them. Kind of wish they held together a little longer, but they are eaten quickly so I guess it doesn't matter too much. Also got some plants, and as usual very quick service.

Shrimp vs fish

My cherry and amano shrimp do like these, all 5 varieties... but the sticks break down way too fast, making a mess and dissolving into the substrate. And my fish eat most of it - poor shrimp don't stand a chance against the nano fish. So, if you have a shrimp only tank and don't mind a soggy mess working its way into your substrate, then your shrimp will probably appreciate these since they will have opportunity to actually eat them. I don't think these are suitable for a community tank with fish who are perpetually famished, lol...

Dennerle Snail Stixx

My Golden Mystery Snails just loves these stixxs and I have noticed that their color has really intensify to a bright golden hew.

Ramshorns and Mystery Snail Love It!

Our snails made a beeline to these sticks and gobbled them up right away. They do get soft and mushy very quickly, but the snails make short work of them.