Fluval Plant 3.0 LED NANO

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Made by Fluval 


15 Watts

50,000 Hours of Life

Fluval Smart APP for a fully customizable color spectrum and programmable 24 hour light cycle.

Dimensions are 5"x 5" (12.7 x 12.7 cm)

1000 lumens and 63 LEDs

Customer Reviews

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Perfect nano light

Plants love this in my nano tank!


Awesome nano tank light. Fully customizable and controllable with fluval smart app on phone and would highly recommend all the fluval plant 3.0 lights. (Please include in description of this product that it can only be used for rimless tanks. also that it can only be controlled with the app. There's no physical on/off switch.)

Killer light!

I love the functionality and control with this series of lights. I’ve slowly switched all my tanks over to the Fresh and Plant 3.0’s, and of course had to check out the Nano version. Same exceptional quality, with a design that compliments any nano aquascape. Picture is prior to planting, but at least you can get an idea of what this Ferrari will look like on your 10 gal.

4.99 out of 5

I absolutely love this light, easy to set up and a great quality light for the size. I set this up on a Fluval Flex 15, I also have a Fluval Planted on my 29 gallon. My only issue with the light was the clamp mount was a bit sketchy to set up.

Great light for cube planted tanks.

Great LED light considering the build quality and channel customization feature at this price. Toned back simple look of the housing and arm is a big plus. My tank is low tech and use the light at about 25% output for 6 hours or so.

The light is on a UNS 45U. For my situation this works because half the tank gets sunlight most of the day and the other is covered by the light. Because of the height of the arm a single light would not be able to cover the entire 45cm width of the tank - I'll need two which I don't mind. Think the light is optimized for something like a 30cm cube setup. Don't understand why Fluval didn't make the arm taller. The light being close to the surface makes it tough to trim plants under/around it sometimes.

As others mentioned the app/light only supports a single on period and a single off period with ramp up/down in between. Not an issue for me but might be for some. I tried a 1% blue moonlight at night but it was too bright for my taste.

I've tried a few similar LED lights for nano tanks from Kessil, MicMol, Finnex, Atledtis, ONF. This one is the one that works best for me so far.