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Marina Nano Aquarium Heater 25watt

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This is our choice nano aquarium heater under 5 gallons.  The Marina Nano Heater is pre-set to maintain 78 degrees Fahrenheit making this an easy to use heater.

This Marina heater comes with a 2 year warranty.


Customer Reviews

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This was exactly what I needed.

Perfect travel heater

The title may be a little misleading, but this heater came in clutch when I was heading out to a frag swap in Vancouver, WA. I wanted to make sure that I not only brought frags, but that I brought them looking as good as possible. I purchased this heater with the USB Nano Pump and it made for the perfect traveling aquarium (I had to use a power inverter hooked up to a separate battery in my car to power the heater). The heater and pump did it's job and I scored a solid $160 off of purchases that day because of it. Thanks Aquarium Co-Op!

Does not work well

I put this in a 6 gallon but it wouldn't heat above 76. It's only rated for 5 gallons or less, so I added another heater, it still didn't go over 76. I tried a known good thermometer that I use in another tank, still reads 76. I used my TDS meter that also has a thermometer, it still reads 76. I added a THIRD heater (all three on at the same time in a 6 gallon tank). It's still 76. I read another review here that had the same problem. I spent $75 on heaters that don't work.

Little heater

This little heater is built well and fit absolutely perfect in my fluval spec 5 gallon pea puffer tank! Was able to hide it right above the pump! It’s like it’s not even there!

Love this heater works great In 3 gallon

Up to par so far