Aquarium Co-Op Easy Plant LED Light

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  • 3-year warranty
  • Easy-to-use, in-line remote
  • Highly water-resistant

The Easy Plant LED Light was designed to be easy, no frustrating app updates or crashes. Easy Mode button and brightness adjustment buttons. With settings that stay even when the power goes out!

The Aquarium Co-Op Easy Plant LED Light has a hassle free 3-year warranty. We designed this light for longevity. We made it HIGHLY water-resistant. One of the main ways lights go bad is from water, whether it's from being knocked in or it's getting sprayed with water from an air stone. Plus, our light has the ETL certification, which covers the UL listing, CSA listing, and several other North American safety standards. Note: the controller and power plug are not water-resistant and should not be submerged underwater.

How powerful is it? We wanted a light that was bright, grew plants, and made fish look great. However, it needed to work on aquariums of any size. So we made it adjustable, you set the light intensity with 10 different settings and a percentage display. See our PAR chart below. 

With it being so bright, does it get hot? It does get warm, but we paired efficient LEDs with an efficient ballast. We also redesigned the housing to be more robust and dissipate heat better. You'll see competing lights that are 10% to 50% less efficient. This adds up to more heat and more money spent to get the light your plants need.

Adjustable Brightness

3 Year Warranty

Extending Brackets That Don't Leave You Hangin'

Extra Long Cord

Bright Enough For Any Aquarium

Customer Reviews

Based on 659 reviews
Amanda (Emmetsburg, IA, US)

My husband and I got this since we saw the "commercials" that Cory and Dean made, and my goodness! We've hit them in all sorts of ways, dropped them in tanks, stepped on them, and even dropped on accident. Still works perfectly! Amazing light!

Larry T. (Lebanon, PA, US)
so far works

Plants are growing.

Thomas B.G.J. (Vidor, TX, US)
Easy LED

I ordered the 30 inch Easy Led light a few weeks ago and it came in a few days later. And as Cory's video shows, it's built like a tank! The extra long cord and the selector switch should be on any light that's out there. Once again Cory and his team have knocked it out of the ballpark!

Julie W. (Leeds, AL, US)
Perfect light!!! Thank you for this quality product at a great price.

I’ve always used the inexpensive Amazon lights, so I’m pretty happy with this one! I love the long cord, the brackets are smooth and sturdy and fit my tank perfectly, the overall solid build, and the easy on/off switch with the dimmable feature and moon light… oh and the light 💡 is so bright! I’ll be replacing all my other lights with aquarium co-op lights for sure!

Juan C. (Visalia, CA, US)
Won’t disappoint

Amazing light, don’t need any other honestly for the quality and price