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Finnex Stingray LED Lights.

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The Finnex Stingray LEDs are a great value light. They've been out for a couple of years and have had a very good longevity record so far. They are great for getting into planted aquariums allowing you to grow low to medium light plants for most aquariums. Not sure which light to get? Check out our light guide.

*We ship lights in the original packaging as the boxes are designed to be shipped. Rest assured that in the rare event any item from aquarium co-op is damaged in shipping, we send out a replacement.*

Customer Reviews

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Stingray light rocks!

I love this light. It is on my 10 gallon betta community tank. The plants love it and I really enjoy having no hood. The light reaches all areas of the tank and is just amazing. I highly recommend this light for your small tanks.

Good low/medium light for 20 L

I got a 30 inch finnex for my 20L. This is my second finnex light from Aquarium Co-op, the first I have on a 55 and it has been growing plants nicely for six months. This one I was able to mount to a shelf above the tank it provides a nice consistent light across the tank. Should be perfect for my Crypts and Bacoopa.

Like It Or Not

I am not sure if I like this light or hate it. First off, it does not attach well at all to my rimmed tank. Its very unstable and falls off easily. So I just have to lay it on top of my lid. I knew it wasnt going to light up the length of my 20L, but even right below the light, is on the low side. Its hard to believe this light will grow plants. At night when its dark and its the only light in the room, its like a nightlight. Very subdued lighting. Would be best on a 5 Gallon, or smaller tanks in my opinion.

What a steal!!!

I have it on my 10 gallon and my moss is doing just fine!!

Finnex Stingray LED 48”

Happy with light for new planted aquarium. First one came bent from shipping and it was quickly replaced! Enjoy the videos, also!