Fluval Plant 3.0 LED NANO

Made by Fluval 


15 Watts

50,000 Hours of Life

Fluval Smart APP for a fully customizable color spectrum and programmable 24 hour light cycle.

Dimensions are 5"x 5" (12.7 x 12.7 cm)

1000 lumens and 63 LEDs

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
I like it

It's a great little gem. Can be polished further on? I'm sure it can.
I really like the fact that can swivel left right so you direct the light to a particular spot when needed.
I have it on my 10 Gal Dennerle tank which came with a rather disappointing light.

Great nano light

I bought this for a 6.8g nano planted shrimp tank. I had to raise it up almost to the top of the bracket to reach the sides so that could be an issue for light levels. It's not a high light option, but low to mid the way I have it. The app is very easy to use, light was simple to mount on my rimless tank. Overall I like it, time will tell how my plants feel about it.

Excellent light, outstanding customer service!

I bought this little gem of a light (replacing a finnex planted+ clipon, definitely a noticeable upgrade) recently during the holiday sale and although I had a slight issue upon arrival, Cory quickly remedied the situation personally. I have no regrets buying from here and will do so again!

Great concept, poorly executed.

My issues with this light are related to the cycle features, power loss recovery, and on/off convenience. As for features, you are only able to define the "day" light settings and "night" light settings, but not a moon light setting. For instance, I would like to ramp the lights down to a much lower intensity for a little while, maybe a blue period (moon light) before turning off the light completely, but I can only set light intensity and color for two states (day and night) and ramping between them. My bigger concern is that of its power loss recovery. If the light is in cycle mode and power is lost in the middle of the day, when power is restored, the light reverts to its night time mode and will remain there. The user is required to reconnect the app before the cycle is restored. I have not yet tested this with the unit in manual mode. This may be an issue for CO2 users who's regulator is on a timer that has a built in battery and is expecting the plants to have a good amount of light. To overcome this, one would need an external battery backup to power the light. Also for convince, with as much as this light costs, it would be nice to be able to quickly turn on and off the light without booting the app, selecting the light, switching to manual and then toggling On/Off just so I can make a quick adjustment to the aquarium with some light.

Super fast shipping from aquarium co-op however!

Great little light.

I took off 1 star because I find that it could be a little brighter. Looking forward to App development. Its very fun to use.

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