Anubias Barteri

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  • Broad Leaf Variety
  • Low Light
  • Hardy

Anubias Barteri is one of the most popular Anubias' in the hobby. Its broad, arrow-shaped leaves are considered larger than many other varieties of Anubias and it is best suited as a midground plant.

Anubias Barteri will thrive in low to medium light and its rhizome will slowly grow horizontally across your tank while sending up tall stems toward the light.

Customer Reviews

Based on 450 reviews
Fercho (Houston, TX, US)
New Arrivals - Anubias Barteri and Dwarft Sagiteria

I was delighted when I received my order of plants, although I was very concerned that they might be dying off because it took six days to arrive; no fault of the Co-op; UPS was the culprit. Most were in acceptable condition when I unpacked the box, especially the Dwarft Sagitatia. Many of the stems were withered, but I could tell it had been a healthy and bushy plant; the Anubias Barteri were in excellent condition. I proceeded to remove the dead stems and start decorating my aquarium. It has been a week, and they are gaining their health and look beautiful. I recommend Aquarium Co-op to anyone interested in purchasing live plants; they have competitive pricing and great customer service. I have uploaded a pic; the Anubias are in the front, and the Sagiteria are in the middle background.

LB (Poplar Grove, IL, US)

Plant arrived in perfect condition. It fits right into the rock decoration hole for no fuss and no mess. When I clean the tank the rock planter and plant are so easy to remove.

William S. (Seattle, WA, US)
Great Plant

I have a few of these in my 20 gallon tank and they look great and are easy to grow.

Luke (Houston, TX, US)
Perfect condition

The plant arrived in a green and healthy condition.

Brian N. (Ashland, KY, US)
Fantastic as always

Plants are beautiful. 2 small ones came in one planter and the leaves look great.