Java Fern on Wood

Java Fern is one of the easiest plants for a fish tank. It is a slow grower that likes to be attached to wood or rocks. A robust leaf that can often survive goldfish and African cichlids. A great addition to an aquascape usually placed in the middle or background. If you'd like more information check our our blog article on Java Fern.

  • Scientific Name: Microsorum pteropus
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Placement: On wood
  • Co2 Requirement: none
  • Preferred Fertilizer: Liquid - Easy Green Fertilizer

***Being a natural product, sizes can vary from what is shown.***

Customer Reviews

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Java Fern On Wood Is Nice

I bought two of these items. The wood looks nice and the plants seem to be attached well. One plant was perfect with no lines in the leaves and it looks almost fake it is so good. The other was beat up a bit with dark spots on the leaves. Since this is a slow growing plant I will have to live with the flaws in the plant, at least until it grows out, but that is ok. I also got some type of snail with these plants. It's tiny and I'm unsure of the variety. I don't mind at all and it will help with the diversity of the tank. The tank is only 30 days old and still has a long way to go for balance. The delivery was on time and the plants were packed well. I only live an hour from the store and If I didn't work so much I would pick the items up. I have been very satisfied with ALL my purchases thus far.

Java Fern

Doing wonderfully.


Java Fern on Wood


Large, lush plant. Super easy to add to the tank

Java on wood

I was impressed with the size of the plant. After a week it it is still doing very well.