Brazilian Pennywort

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  • Flat, Round Leaf Shape
  • Easy to Grow
  • Provides Cover For Fish and Fry

Brazilian pennywort is a versatile and unique plant that will draw eyes to any aquarium. It has flat, rounded leaves that almost look like little umbrellas when growing underwater. Over time, it will grow upwards toward the light and will send out light green leaves from its vine-like stems as it grows along. 

This plant is easy to care for and does very well in a medium to higher light tank. Once it takes off, Brazilian pennywort will add tons of hiding places for fish and fry with its big leaves and may even grow right out the top of your tank if left untrimmed.

Customer Reviews

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R. (Carbondale, CO, US)
Pennywort worth every Cent

Very Nice Pennywort. Came in Large and Healthy with solid root system. Noticeable growth from day 1. Early melt of larger leaves balanced by inches of stem growth and new foliage in 1st week. Slight emergence from tank when introduced is getting taller everyday.
I left the plant in its rock wool - repotted in a small terra cotta - pushed in a Root Tab and topped with aqua soil. I’ll plant it directly in substrate after another week of acclimation.
Another nice plant from Aquarium CoOp.

BJ S. (Boaz, AL, US)
Brazilian Pennywort

I received a very mature plant In excellent condition. It is growing nicely. It should be a good choice for most aquariums.

Steve W. (Jacksonville, FL, US)
My Flag Fish Tore It Apart

Nice looking plant over a foot long. My fish would not leave it alone and it pulled out of the pot. So it’s now a floating plant and I’m cool with it.

Megan (Anchorage, AK, US)
Came healthy!

Despite the plant having such thin stems, it arrived quickly with minimal damage! One stem did break in half, but one of those halves seems to have survived. It's been in my tank for a few weeks now, and it's already starting to grow new leaves.

Jo (St. Petersburg, FL, US)
Awesome plant

This is my second purchase of these (well, third but 2nd from Co-Op). These things are amazing. Co-Op packaging is great! I got a waterproof case with all my plants. These were seriously long and had large and small leaves. I got a lot of roots too. These are so fun!

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