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USB Nano Air Pump

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This small almost silent air pump is great for nano tanks. It also is a decent choice for adding an air stone to an existing larger tank. It runs off USB, which means it's great in a power outage situation with a battery pack back up(purchased from a retailer like amazon*) used for cell phones. In our testing it uses 1/3 of a watt under load.  With the clip you can also hang this air pump from above your aquarium eliminating the need for a check valve. Also gives you the ability to hang it in a car for a long trip fish purchase. These are so versatile.

The air output is lower than standard air pumps which allows it to run near silently and uses very little electricity. This means it is best suited to run small sponge filters or an air stone. Great for shrimp and betta tanks, or making sure oxygen is in your larger aquariums.

Comes with the USB plug in adapter.

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Customer Reviews

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Bought three of these. Used one to transport my grand daughters axolotl back to home seventeen hours away. Works perfectly and she is still using one on her fluval filter.

These things are great.

I have avoided any type of air in my aquariums for years because of air pump noise it drives me crazy. With these pumps I can honestly say they are silent and I love it thank you Aquarium Co-op

They're Awesome.

I got my stuff in no time and it's awesome. They're just powerful enough without being to pwoeful for my Bettas.

Love love love this little pump!

I'm using two of these to power sponge filters in my nano tanks. They work perfectly and are SO quiet!!!

awesome pump

i have this in a nano tank running a Small Aquatop Sponge Filter. plenty of air flow to work that filter!
this is me second tank with this combination...