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Aquario Neo Co2 Diffuser

I've tried a lot of co2 diffusers over the years. Always in the search of the perfect diffuser. Most use a white disc that clogs up quickly to algae. These with the brown diffuser don't grow algae nearly as much. On top of that they are made out of acrylic plastic instead of glass. So they won't break in your hands when you try and install them. 

  • Mini is meant for nano tanks up to 10 gallons.
  • Medium is meant for 10 to 30 gallon aquariums
  • Large is meant for 40 gallons and up.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Best diffuser I have used

Been heavily into planted tanks for 6-7 years and have tried multiple types of diffusers from cheap to expensive. For the price point this is by far the best I have used. It also serves as a bubble counter and the mist of bubbles is excellent.

Does a great job.

I've been using this for about 4 months, they work perfectly for me. I have the small size one. Bubbles are tiny. I use a low flow of CO2 (around a bubble per 2 seconds).

Aquarium Co op is great!

4 star review. not 5 because initially the connection between the tubing and diffuser leaked nearly all the co2. I acknowledge this may be more of a problem with the tubing and not the diffuser however I am using the tubing sold from aquarium co op. I solved the leak problem by shoving the suction cup holder on the diffuser over the air tubing line on the connection (see picture). Now it works great with no leak. Aquarium co op is a great company with great products. However, one area for improvement may be air lines and check valves for co2 equipment.

Aquatic Neo Co2 diffuser

One of the Best I have ever used really have to give Mr.Cory a big Thank You for the honesty of his business

Really good little diffuser

Great diffuser but if anyone knows how to clean it let me know. Thanks!