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Easy Fertilizer Package

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This fertilizer package will cover all of your bases. Easy Green will handle all of your water column feeding plants(most plants) and the easy root tabs will handle root feeding plants like crypts and swords. Easy Iron will help bring out some reds if needed. Finally Easy Carbon will help fight off algae.

You will get one bottle of our 236ml Easy Green and you get one 16oz bottle of  Easy Iron, and Easy Carbon.  Also you'll get a 20 pack of Easy Root Tabs.


Customer Reviews

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Easy and effective

Easy Green is a great product. I've been using it for quite some time now in my aquariums. Plants take off and thrive, which benefits everything else in the water scape. If you're low-tech like me, and want the highest results without running co2, get Easy Green.

Easy Easy

I haven't used the root tabs yet, but the the Easy Iron, Easy Carbon, and Easy Green are all super easy. I really like not having to think about mixing and not having to use 5 or six bottles of individual fertilizer components. I have a running to-do app on my phone, and just dose when the the item comes up on the list. Easy! The plants in my aquarium are very happy. Unfortunately, I have not experienced the near immediate eradication of black beard algae that some other reviewers referred to after using the Easy Carbon, but I do like it as a supplement to the injected CO2 I'm running. I was worried about my moss ball, but have had no problems injuring it with every other day dosing of the carbon. Thank you Aquarium Co-op for super speedy delivery and great products!

Nice Selection

Order was filled quickly, items received in perfect condition, helped balance out my tank nicely!

Wonderful fertilizer

I love all of these fertilizers and would recommend to everyone. Plants are looking amazing. Thanks Cory and love the videos!

Great deal!

I’ve only been using these products for two weeks now but my plants are staying healthy and growing! Happy so far!!