Aquarium Co-Op Easy Plant LED Light

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  • Highly durable and water-resistant
  • Easy-to-use, attached remote
  • 3-year, hassle-free warranty 

We wanted to make an aquarium light that is bright, grows plants, and makes fish look great. The Easy Plant LED is designed to imitate natural sunlight and is bright enough to grow both low and high light plants. The easy-to-use controller allows you to adjust the light intensity with 10 different settings, as well as switch between Daylight and Moonlight modes. Plus, it's extremely resistant to breakage and water damage, and all your settings are saved even if the power goes out.

Adjustable Brightness

3-Year Warranty

Extending Brackets That Don't Leave You Hangin'

Extra Long Cord

Bright Enough for Any Aquarium

Build the Easy Planted Aquarium

Customer Reviews

Based on 686 reviews
Ryan B. (Port Huron, MI, US)
Aquarium Co-Op Easy Plant LED Light

The light was delivered quickly, and works great!


Love the new lights. Shows off my plants and fish. It has nice adjustments and easy to work. Would highly recommend and I have had lots of light from cheap on up.

Anthony P. (Staten Island, NY, US)

The 48" light works great for my 75-gallon tank. It's a perfect color ratio.
The incremental brightness also makes it perfect. Fits on my tank securely well with the stand. I would highly recommend it.

William H. (Medford, OR, US)
EZ Plant LED Light 48" & 30"

I needed to step up beyond cheap LED shop lights and T8 florescent hood lights. Very pleased with the color and adjustability of these units. These can be used in low light to high tech planted tanks. They don't put out much heat into the tank. Very pleasant to the eyes as the fixture is very close to the top of the tank and won't throw out blinding reflections into the room.

You will have to raise it up to fully cover the 18" surface width of a 75 gal tank. It's good till 2/3 up on front and back walls with fixture setting flush in the middle. I might experiment with overhead light diffusers under the light to see if that works to spread out the coverage a little more.

Tom M. (Belleville, IL, US)
Great light(s)

I do like their lights. Well built, good crisp clear bright lighting. I’m on my third one and hope to replace all my lights with these eventually.