10lbs Bulk Seiryu Stone

You will receive 10lb bulk package of Seiryu Stones Shipped to your door. All orders are handpicked for high quality, then securely packaged, in a flat rate box, to arrive at your door safe and sound. A mix of anywhere from 3 to 8 stones depending on selection at the time. (we don't take requests for amount of rocks or types of looks of rocks)

  • It's easy to see how it get's it's name, from the layered sediments in the rocks producing a jagged armored look with the appearance of scales attributed to the calcium veins running through the rock. These rocks can range from a deep grey-blue, almost black look to a pastel grey. Because of the calcium contained in these rocks you're pH can sometimes raise after addition to the aquarium, usually this effect is canceled out by driftwood. Seiryu Stone is on the heavier side of aquascaping rocks, so it's good to make sure your rocks are well supported in your aquarium to keep shifting and causing damage.
  • No need to scrub off dirt and mud! All our Seiryu Stone comes pre-washed for your convenience to get you to your ideal aquascape faster. For best results we recommend rinsing rocks before addition to the aquarium.

* Due to the natural nature of this product we cannot guarantee it will look exactly as pictured *

Customer Reviews

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It is said that earth was created in a day. But when you think about color, texture, shape, and weight, let alone placement, It would take me forever . . .You put one in the tank and stand back and look at it . . .maybe it would be better like this or maybe not. It is a lot like remodeling a room in a house, but that is the fun of building a planted aquarium. Maybe I should move it over here. . .

I like my rocks 😁

I got 4 good sized rocks. Seems there's a variety of style, some more flat and smooth and others very textured.


Perfect sizes filled my 10 gallon setup nicely.

Kinda pricey for what you get

I purchased 2 10lb bags and 1 5lb nano rocks bag to scape my 55gallon..the rock is really cool and I got my use out of it and I'm happy with my scape but when I think that I just spent 100$ on rocks *sigh* smh

Seiryu Stone 10 lbs Bulk

It is absolutely beautiful stone, when water hits it, the color pops, great edition to my acquarium, and the Co-oP customer service and shipping speed is second to none.