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Dragon Stone Nano Pieces in Bulk

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You'll get 4.4lb Bulk Ohko Dragon stone small pieces in a sealed  bag. These are great for finishing off an aquascape or creating an entirely new one for a nano tank. 

  • These rocks come in a wide variety of colors ranging from steel blue-green to a sun bleached copper tone with hints of red. Beautiful against the backdrop of a planted aquarium. These rocks are a type of clay based rock growing in a lattice type pattern giving each rock a unique and scaly appearance. These stones are lighter than most other aquarium stones and are easy to break apart with a hammer to achieve smaller pieces, Ohko Dragon Stone is usually inert and will not change your pH.  
  • No need to scrub off dirt and mud! All our Dragon Stone comes pre-washed for your convenience to get you to your ideal aquascape faster. Rocks may be dusty from breakage during in shipping, for best results give the stones a quick rinse under water before addition to your home aquarium. 
  • Picture out of the bag is once it's wet and in your aquarium.

* Due to the natural nature of this product we cannot guarantee it will look exactly as pictured *


Customer Reviews

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Pleasantly surprised with this bag of Dragon Stone pieces. Will definitely order more. Fast shipping is always a bonus!

Dragon stone

Good value nice little pieces they’re not broken Just a little pieces. And I Will order again.

Excellent value, fast shipping, stones have lots of character!

Not all dirt/clay that seems to fall apart when rinsed like some stones I've purchased elsewhere (for whatever that's worth). If you need enough rubble for a 10-20 gallon tank, this bag is for you. If you are planning on 'scaping with it, make sure you have a bunch of larger stones as well, because these pieces are mostly only an inch or three, so best used around larger rocks as scree. Oh, and if you are going to glue Ohko Stone to anything: soak rinse and scrub the heck out of them or the glue won't stick terribly well due to the clay/silt deposits. Also: The Aquarium Coop Easy Fry food makes feeding half my tanks ridiculously easy, great idea/value/design/fish love it. Guppies, nano rainbows, tetras, rasboras, shrimp, crayfish, ummm, everything small loves it, but your page wouldn't let me review it! TEN stars. Oh, and I'm someone who shops online for HOURS and hours before buying something... these nano options for seiryu, ohko, the twigs I bought them all months ago and think they are all great values! Actually, they are all by far the best deal on these types of things I've been able to find from ANY of the dozens of retailers I stock my fish room from, and they all get 5*.

Nice quantity for the $

Decent size bag of dragon stone pieces. Only needed a light rinse.

Great buy!

Came quick and good as expected!