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Mag Float Cleaners

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Mag floats are great for touching up on algae. Typically they won't get that hard green spot algae, but they can take care of other types. These are for glass aquariums only. Only the large comes with the blade scraper included.

Our personal recommendations for sizing:

Small: up to 20 gallon aquariums - up to 3/16ths thick glass
Medium: Up to 55 Gallon aquariums - up to 3/8th thick glass
Large: Up to 180 Gallon Aquariums - up to 5/8th thick glass(comes with blade scraper)


Customer Reviews

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Excellent item for taking algae right off the glass.

Works grest

Perfect size for a 10 gallon.

Oops! my magnetic cleaner came loose! Oh look it floats!

I thought it was time to replace my old magnetic tank cleaner, I I moved it against a hardscape piece the part on the inside of the tank would sink to the bottom of the tank, and not always at an angle where I could reattach the two pieces with having to put my arm into the tank. When that happened I would have to worry about sand getting onto the scrubber pad and scratching my glass. With the new Mag float cleaner, if I get carried away around my hardscape features I don't have to worry about if I am wearing a long sleeve garment I just puck the inside piece of the cleaner from the surface of my water and continue cleaning. This is a very good item to have in ones arsenal of cleaning supplies.

Works great

This is my first magnetic cleaner and it works great. It works better than scrub sponge.

Medium and large are great!

I use the medium and large sizes, with the scraper blades, in several tanks and they work great! The algae scrapes right off, five stars for them! So I decided to get some small size mag floats with blades for my small tanks. I can't recommend the small. The magnet is not as powerful so the inside part is constantly floating away, and when it does stay together it doesn't have a tight enough seal to really scrape the algae well. The small size gets one star.